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Simply put, Johnson Lawn Care is a local company that sets the standard for lawn treatment. We have a proven Fertilizer and Weed Control program that will have your lawn looking the best in your neighborhood, period. We accomplish this by strictly using the best products for your lawn and applying them at the appropriate times. While our competition substitutes agriculture grade liquid fertilizer for several of their applications, we’re committed to the use of timed release, granular fertilizer for every application.

Here is why:

Granular fertilizer allows us to steadily feed your lawn over a longer period of time. Typically this time frame is 6-8 weeks depending on weather conditions. This allows us to overlap applications, ensuring your lawn has a steady source of nutrients all year. Most liquids will see a quick burst of growth for the first week or two, leaving several weeks with little nutrition.

To control weeds we apply a blanket spray in the spring and fall, typically our 2nd and 4th application. We continue to monitor weeds throughout the year during the other applications and spot treat new ones if they appear. We also encourage full service customers to call if problem areas appear between scheduled applications.

We want you to have a great lawn and our proven approach will give you the results you are looking for.

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